Bristol model engineering and model making exhibition 2018

The Bristol model engineering and model making exhibition is the last of our outside events for this year. This is a 3 day show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the set up on Thursday. A number of our members were there for all four days whilst some did only 1 and a mix of inbetweens. Set up is always a bit of a nightmare and we do want to offer something different so we try things and get there in the end. Notably no bridge this year and its a revelation on how much room it takes up. We still have to satisfy peoples needs and do something that the public will like!


New Venue

As most will know after almost 14 years at shireway our time has come to an end through no fault of our own, so the hunt started for a new venue & thanks to Stu for for making the call to Cleve R.F.C which we visited today(14/8/2018) with Rob.
We have decided to try some runs with this venue the address is as follows


The gallery has been running on an old version of PHP which meant that it had to live in its own subdomain so that the php version could be different from the rest of the site. It also meant that we could not use ssl on it, not a huge problem but one nevertheless.

Apex Lake Playday

The club was invited to attend the regular Apex Lake playday which is part of a countrywide playday scheme, which, I am led to believe takes place on the first Wednesday of August.  The Apex Lake playday is reportedly the largest in the country! This year it was August 1st.


New show on the block! 12th/13th May 2018, Smeathorpe Stadium, Near Honiton, Devon. SWRCT will be there details to follow!