So you have decided that you would like have a model truck. This article will hopefully provide some pointer for you and help to stop common problems.

For most the starting point will be either buying a second hand truck or building from a kit. So the first choice is what variety, Us or Euro, and then which type of truck. That is very much down to your preference but certain truck types have more upgrades available than others and that my colour your judgement. We would always suggest a visit to a club if possible and talk it through with a few members.

To build your truck you will need a medium and small Posidrive screwdriver - the other tools are in the kit. You can use an electric screwdriver but take care as they will strip threads in the plastics.

Where glue is required used clear water based glue - avoid superglue as it is easy to get it everywhere, difficult to clean up and it will mist clear plastics.

Then you will need paint, good quality acrylic car paint works just fine and the Halfords variety is widely available and has an acceptable finish. Choosing the paint scheme may be the hardest decision. It is what sets your truck apart. Take your time. When you come to paint again take your time, Paint needs at least 6 hours per coat to dry and preferably 24.

There are some things that it is best to do during the build as they are time consuming afterwards:

  • replace the bronze bush bearings with roller bearings. Most shops will be able to sell you the correct ones as a set.
  • replace the motor, the one supplied is too fast try for a 5o turn or better. e,g, a Carson poison motor.
  • Most trucks are still too quick and do not need the gears, consider locking the box in first as this will give a good range of speed for most layouts.

In order to run the truck you will need a few other things:

  • a minimum 2 channel radio but we would recommend at least 4 and better is 6 channels. Four channels will allow you to run an MFU, and 6 channels will allow you to run some other sound systems (e.g. Beier) or give you some other expansion options. A good quality radio is essential as that will extend to the running.
  •  minimum of one servo for steering but an optional one for the gearbox.
  • A battery, A good quality NIMH 5000mah hour battery or a similar lipo battery (4200 stick pack type) will be needed.
  • A charger. Get a good quality one e.g. B6AC but try and avoid the clones being sold on ebay - they are the super cheap ones!
  • A speed controller or MFU. The MFU has an inbuilt speed controller but cheaper ones are also good , E.G Tamiya or Hobbywing.

You may be tempted to jump in and build a full modified truck, however it is probably better to stick to a kit build. Once your done take it along to a local club, members there will usually be more than happy to help with any issue you may have.

Once you are done there are other things you can do relatively easily to improve your driving experience, e.g. replacing the stub axles for ones with less slop, replacing the cross body steering arm with one that goes under the gearbox and other little things.

Hope this is of help and remember it should always be fun!