The gallery has been provided so that both you and we can show collections of pictures.

In order to post pictures AND see the large versions you will need an account, so the first thing is to register. Registration is NOT automatic as we started to have a few non desirables. To combat that the admins will look at the registration and do the necessary. Your account should be activated within 24 hours. Once your account is activated you can participate fully.

You will be able to add pictures to your own personal albums and share them, add pictures to our monthly meet albums and other albums added by the admins that have been enabled, and see the full size pictures.

Once you have logged in you will see the full set of menus.

Home will take you to the start screen but there is also a drop down to a contact form.

Under my profile you will find a links to create, modify and sort your albums, and sort your pictures. Here is where you can create your own albums. I have a couple myself.

To upload files click the upload files link. You can upload multiple simultaneously from a PC but mobiles and pads can only upload singly at present. Once uploaded you will be given the opportunity to add titles, tags and comments to each picture as you wish- its not compulsory though.

Clicking on Album list will give you a list of albums but there are also some predefined "sorts" such as most viewed, latest uploads, top rated and your favourites (if you have any).

Please give it a try